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    SubjectRe: Building Big Ass Linux Machine, what are the limits?
    > > Actually, "snapshot" functionality is remarkably easy to do with an LFS,
    > > and I imagine it's not that difficult for a JFS either. Both have the
    > > advantage that old data can be pushed off to tape or other slow media once
    > > it's no longer "live", but supporting this well would probably require
    > > userspace help.
    > I've been thinking about this "change disk now" questions that the
    > kernel might need to ask.

    I wasn't actually thinking of other media such as tape, I was thinking
    more along the lines of the same disk. The NetAPP box allows you to set
    a quota for snapshot - so, in an example configuration - a 40 GIG filer
    would have 2 GIG reserved for snapshots.

    A lot easier to implement I would suspect than serial media such as tape?



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