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    SubjectMore fuel to the fire [was Re: Linus is on a powertrip..]
    Apologies for breaking the threading - adding the necessary headers
    manually into Netscape mailer is defeating me.

    esr wrote:
    > I think it would help matters all around if there were a web page
    > listing pending patches and even as little as a one-line comment from
    > as to where they are in the integration process. It might even help
    > organize your own work better.

    It's interesting that many people - including Eric - seem to have an
    implicit belief that Internet technology, in one form or another, holds
    the solution to the problem at hand. Web pending patch lists,
    jitterbug, development CVS trees, hierarchical distributed weighted
    voting patch scoring systems, whatever. And perhaps they do, but all
    blind assumptions are worth questioning.

    I hope it's not too controversial to hypothesize that Linus is under
    heavy pressure, and that evidence of this is starting to show. One
    symptom is lack of responsiveness to patches, which some people are
    complaining about violently. But Linus's comments indicate that this
    is because now he has to think long and hard about every change.

    He presumably then needs to reject a lot more changes. The Right Thing
    is a lot less obvious than it was a couple of years ago, and is perhaps
    increasingly a matter of fine judgement. And so he wants to implement
    something in his own way in his own timeframe instead, living with the
    howls of protest and the resultant stress.

    Does it really help, then, to propose an automated system which counts
    and stores these individual sins, which measures his performance against
    a public list, which consolidates technical opposition, and which
    streamlines patch delivery to guarantee that he is saturated with
    potential input at all times?

    The solution is surely more humanity, not less.

    This could mean a number of things in concrete, of course, including the
    naive hope that people might just be more understanding.

    Perhaps of more likely benefit though: RedHat might use some of their
    new-found capital and offer to fund Linus a dedicated
    secretary/adminstrator/PA. Someone who could sort through incoming
    patches, check that they diff cleanly, bounce them if they're badly
    documented or too large, keep a track of what's being tried in vger or
    anywhere else where credible hackers gather, inform patch authors of
    what's happened to their progeny, and also delete any incoming emails
    that are plain rude before Linus need see them.

    It seems to work for Don Knuth, so far as I can tell, and might reduce
    the pressure all round.

    Just the traditional 2c,


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    <TITLE>Re: Linus is on a powertrip..</TITLE>
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    <H1>Re: Linus is on a powertrip..</H1>
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    Linus Torvalds &lt;;:
    &gt; It's not about a powertrip. It's about the fact that Linux is getting
    &gt; larger, and that forces me to require more of people sending me patches.
    &gt; Long gone are the times when you could just send me a patch and I could
    &gt; apply it without thinking about it.

    I think most people recognize this, understand the increasing pressure,
    and sympathize with your position. On the other hand, all these stories
    about repeated patch resubmissions being necessary sound all too plausible
    in the absence of any official, publicly visible patch queue with your
    annotations on it.

    I think it would help matters all around if there were a web page somewhere
    listing pending patches and even as little as a one-line comment from you
    as to where they are in the integration process. It might even help you
    organize your own work better.
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