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SubjectRe: keyboard lockups on Compaq
>I've got several Compaq Deskpro EP's that don't seem to like Linux.
>After doing the RedHat install, which worked fine, there's about a
>50-50 chance that when the machine reboots the keyboard will not be

Same problem here, with the same Compaq model. It seems to be the
keyboard reset code that needs a "full reset" rather than the
more limited setup normally done by the kernel.

In the 2.1 kernels, there is a "kbd-reset" boot parameter you can
use. With 2.0, you'll need to change drivers/char/keyboard.c and
remove the "#ifndef __i386__" / "#endif" surrounding the definitions
for the keyboard reset (it's right near the beginning of the file).

That seems to cure the problem for me.

Henrik Storner | "testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good,
| if it boots up it is perfect."
| Linus Torvalds

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