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SubjectRe: Building Big Ass Linux Machine, what are the limits?
Adam D. Bradley wrote:
> Actually, "snapshot" functionality is remarkably easy to do with an LFS,
> and I imagine it's not that difficult for a JFS either. Both have the
> advantage that old data can be pushed off to tape or other slow media once
> it's no longer "live", but supporting this well would probably require
> userspace help.

I've been thinking about this "change disk now" questions that the
kernel might need to ask.

I thought I'd make a character device that simply outputs the question
to be posed to the user.

On a text console you just run something similar to

cat /dev/changemessages &

On an X display a small tool would present in a requestor anything
that could come up.

There might need to be some feedback saying "OK. Done".


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