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SubjectRe: Storage Limitations
On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Rob Penrose wrote:

> What storage limitations exist on Linux-ix86 systems besides the 2GB
> limitation per file? Is there a partition size limitation?
> I've been experimenting with a ~300GB Fibre channel Raid array and have
> experienced problems beginning with partitions of 10GB or more... I can
> create large partitions with fdisk, but mke2fs appears to suffer from a
> limitation. I would appreciate any information/tips/pointers that this
> list may be willing to share.

You might want to try ext2 filesystems with SPARSE superblocks
(-s 1 option). Please note that you do have to use recent kernels
in order to properly support it. Up to 2.1.122 it basically
worked, but there was a bug with the statistics... 2.1.123 has
the statistics fixed, but might have other problems.

It would be best to scan the linux-kernel archives to
see which kernel doesn't have any bad things reported
about in conjuction with your particular hardware --
then you'll most likely be safe.


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