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    Subject[2.1.124-pre1] **one-line** change allows boot / CORRECT patch idea?
    	Hi, there is a very simple one-line change to 2.1.123-pre1 that allows
    my system to boot into 2.1.124-1. My system is a UP PPro 165 with an
    EIDE drive and a NE2000-clone PCI card.

    The change that has been posted so far, while identifying where the
    problem lies, isn't really the CORRECT change, since its just a
    reversion. To show that the new approach basically works (for example,
    without locking the kernel), simply search for the definition of
    'unlazy_fpu' in include/asm-i386/processor.h, and change
    if (tsk->flags & PF_USEDFPU) { \
    if (1) { \

    I suspect that when unlazy_fpu is first called, (during the init
    process) tsk->flags is not set but should be set, so the 'unlazy-ing' is
    not done. Does that sound like a plausible thing to fix for a CORRECT


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