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SubjectRe: 2G file size limitation question
> 	And yet, the code check that it can't write beyond 2^32 bits,
> because then it can't write the size into the i-node.
> Also the i-node kept in RAM holds i_size as __u32, and
> many things trust that, and some write there SIGNED 32-bit
> values -- I think the ftruncate() is one. (Sigh..)

You need ftruncate64() on intel and 64bit ftruncate otherwise. I spent
half of today looking at 64bit issues for a contract and the more you look
the worse it gets (locking isnt 64bit clean)

> IMO, the VMM/VFS layer need to become pure 64-bit, before
> we can benefit from having fully 64-bit backends.

mmap64() is needed for 64bit offset <32bit sized maps on all platforms


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