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    SubjectRe: Complaint
    Stefan Mars wrote:
    > Dear sir,
    > I am on a mailing list called "" that
    > recently has been spammed from your site. It seems that someone has tried
    > to add that mailing list to several mailinglists that is served by
    > majordomo@po.CWRU.Edu. First, I don't believe that the linux-kernel should
    > be on that mailing list, it's enough high traffic as it is, but secondly
    > and more importantly majordomo@po.CWRU.Edu is sending requests for
    > confirmation to linux-kernel, thereby spamming quite a lot of people's
    > mailboxes.
    > So far I have counted 11 of those requests, and I have included one of
    > them below for reference.

    I count 115.

    > I was hoping that you, as root of the site running the majordomo, could do
    > something about it, as it is quite annoying.
    > Regards,
    > Stefan Mars


    Brian Gerst

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