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    SubjectRe: hardlinks.... sucks... ;-(

    > > Well, but with that race condition above... It *might* be kernel issue
    > > after all. Enlighten me: how is this operation done safely?
    > This 'race condition' only occurs with the | xargs case,
    > find -exec executes the command immediately upon finding
    > the file, so there's no race there...

    > Well, there's a theoretical race, but there's no way for
    > a nasty user to find out which file is going to be dealt
    > with 'right now', at least not on a large multi-user box
    > where the load is too high to make adequate predictions.

    Yes. It is. Between stat-ing file to see if it belongs to that user
    and chowning it. I do not know if it is exploitable, but if you
    overflow system much (slowing it down), watch ps etc, you could
    probably be able to see it.

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