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    SubjectRe: hardlinks.... sucks... ;-(

    On 01-Jan-98 Pavel Machek wrote:
    >> No, you are not right ;-( There is old Unix hole and you know it. And it's
    >> a kernel vfs issue. In general, this is *huge* hole. Novice in
    >> sysadmin's world can done this "not kernel issue":

    Novices need educating on how UNIX works. Kludgyness to make it, er, ``easy''
    to administer is the path that NT took, and generally it either doesn't make it
    to administer, or doesn't work. IMHO, of course.

    >> user$ ln /etc/passwd ~/.some
    >> root# chown newuser /home/user -R
    >> This is only common example. And this is a *serious* security bug.

    It's a common example of sysadmin luserness. Not a security bug at all.

    > No. You just need other tool than chown, you need tool that changes
    > uid->uid. And you run it as chown -from olduser -to newuser -R /,
    > which looks for all files owned by olduser and makes newuser own
    > them. Just go ahead and write this tool. (And mail me a copy ;-). (I
    > would also appredicate option to delete such files).

    Try something a bit like one of the following:

    find / -user 1234 -print | xargs chown 4321
    find / -user 1234 -print | xargs rm
    find / -user 1234 -exec chown 4321 {} ;
    find / -user 1234 -exec rm {} ;

    (using approriate escapes to protect from the shell as nessary. In bash \{\} \;)

    I did this 'cause Linux gives me a woody. It doesn't generate revenue.
    (Dave '-ddt->` Taylor, announcing DOOM for Linux)

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