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SubjectIntel PR440FX SMP, RH 5.0, SCSI and Ethernet, IRQ vs IO-APIC

Have an intel Provident (PR440FX) mother board with 256Mb and
2 x GeniuneIntel Pro 200MHz.

The BIOS (AMI/Intel) has a set up option to map the PCI IRQs
to "legacy ISA IRQs" or "to IO-APIC".

Now, I know that Ingo has been working on shared interrupts
and distributing them across SMP processors under 2.1.xx but
this machine has to be a reliable file server, so I'm proposing
to run 2.0.33 for the time being.

System is all SCSI (no IDE) and have previously had some
problems with drive firmware weirdness. Hopefully now fixed -
I've changed the boot disk to a 4Gb Seagate Barracuda (at the
recommendation of Doug Ledford :-)

Tried installing RedHat 5.0 to the system by ftp from a
mirror on one of our other machines and keep getting:

Aieee... killing interrupt handler

when the system accesses the SCSI and Intel EtherExpress100
on-board controller dispite the fact that they are (allegedly
on different IO addresses and IRQs).

This "Aieee..." occurs after an Opps and is when it goes
to fetch the next stage of the base install .../comps file
just after successfully loading the eepro100.o module.

What I'm unsure about is:

a) should I be using PCI irqs mapped to ISA legacy or to
the IO-APIC initially?

b) why RH5.0 blows up

c) why RH4.2 seems to install flawlessly


(now running RH4.2 again)

Michael J Tubby B.Sc. G8TIC
Technical Director, Thorcom Systems Limited
Tel: 01 905 756700 (intl: +44 1 905 756 700)
Fax: 01 905 755777 (intl: +44 1 905 755 777)

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