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SubjectRe: Suitable chipset for a pocket linux box
>> Don't rule out the PowerPC chips, though. IBM has some nice inexpensive
>> embedded versions, like the PPC403 series, with cache, DRAM interface,
>> multiple DMA and more goodies. Do a search on the IBM website; there's
>> pretty complete documentation on all chips.
> I'd love to use powerpc but i'm sure they are a very expensive
>option. If they have a cheap portable series then ok but unless they are
>cheap they are a no go. We can put some money in now because its been
>assigned as a thesis project to one of the undergrads.

There are two variants of embedded PPC's: the Motorola chips and the IBM
parts. My general feeling is that Mot has the expensive, feature-laden
versions, while IBM has inexpensive, less complex chips. I still have a
headache from my last encounter with a Mot embedded chip (the 68360 QUICC),
so I would go for the PPC403GCX by IBM.

- cheap ($25 in 10000; I'll contact IBM on their 100ex price)
- simple to interface to DRAM and 8-bit flash (you wouldn't want to use a
PCI Bridge on an embedded board, would you ?)
- nice goodies like a MMU, DMA, cache...
- solderable 160-lead PQFP

- No FPU
- I don't know how different the MMU is from that in the PPC port.


Jan-Derk Bakker, official C3 agency.

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