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SubjectRe: Request for help with cdrecord and HP7100
Thanks, Gadi, for the excellent summary of the ATAPI CDB translation
issues. As far as the design of the 'pg' driver goes, it would certainly
be cleaner to do no translation and assume that the application can
distinguish between ATAPI and SCSI devices. If I read between the lines
correctly, cdrecord, in particular, should work without the translation.

So, I propose, for the sake of argument, that 'pg' will not do
any translation.

> As suggested by Joerg, it would be best to add a method which will allow us
> to disable the layer, at least for access through the /dev/sg driver. The
> last patch implemented the following translation options:
> - No translation.
> - Enabling the ATAPI->SCSI translation layer just for the
> kernel (sr, sd, etc).
> - Enabling the ATAPI->SCSI translation layer for both
> the kernel and for access through /dev/sg.

Given that 'pg' is _not_ intended to be a full emulation of SCSI via
parallel port ATAPI, but rather a generic way of delivering CDBs to
specific devices (that the application almost certainly needs to know
are ATAPI) is there any reason to implement translation at all in pg ?

At this stage I have no idea whether the HP 7100e will work with
PARIDE, so I want to expend the least amount of energy to make something
that people with these drives can test :-(

Grant R. Guenther

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