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SubjectRe: Request for help with cdrecord and HP7100
Gadi Oxman wrote:
> I will try to create a similar patch for the 2.0.x kernels soon, for
> potential integration into the upcoming 2.0.34 release. I am wondering
> about the default /dev/sg? translation behavior, though -- should we
> default to "translated" or "untranslated" access in the 2.0.x kernels?

I understand that after your new patch enabling/disabling translation
is done per device.

Why not add an ioctl to get/set the transform bits? Then by default
enable the translation in all cases. Programs that are aware that
this is really an ATAPI device can use the ioctl to disable the
translation (and restore previous settings when they exit).
(for a program that accesses /dev/sgX it is much easier to use
the ioctl). This ioctl can also be used by programs to distinguish
between ide-scsi and 'real' scsi.

Off topic: is there any plan (or work-in-progress) to have the
similar of ide-scsi for paride? What else is needed to support
parallel port cd-writers (like the HP7100e).

Itai Nahshon

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