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    SubjectRe: OFFTOPIC: GGI and alternative GUIs and windowing systems in Linux -LONG
    Why spend time putting a bag on the side of X, even if it will never be entirely
    what you want? Why not just work on developing a new system that will be all
    the things you want, and more extensible and powerful too? I'd hack X if I
    thought that it was a good platform...kinda along the lines of Linux, why
    hack Minix into something that it'll never be really good at? You have to take
    a running stab a completely new model, that's what Linux was.


    > > There is, I think, still room for bumming X implementations and protocols
    > > a bit before giving up on it.
    > Plenty of it. Adding support for acceleration of image scaling, and video
    > scaling would help too.

    Perry Harrington Linux rules all OSes. APSoft ()
    email: Think Blue. /\

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