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Subjectsemantics of wppage() and distributed shared memory
struct vm_operations_struct contains several functions which are unused by 
my kernel (2.0.32) such as advise(), sync(), and wppage(). They are unued
now, but I would like to use wppage(). What were its sematics?

I am trying to implement distributed shared memory. For that to work,
processes need to notify their remote counterparts when they write to
memory. When that happens, the remote process frees its copy of the dirty
page and gets the up-to-date version later. So, how can I track changes to
a page? How about resurrecting wppage()? The theory is that do_wp_page()
will call my special DSHM vm_area_struct's wppage() which will then notify
other processes that it wrote to a page.

So, I am looking for a place to put a call to wppage() back in
do_no_page(). Any suggestions? How exactly should the (unsigned long)
return value from wppage() be interpreted?

Sorry for sending you mail directly Linus, but as the original author (I
presume) of mm.h, I would like your thoughts on why wppage() was originally
included in vm_operations_struct.


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