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SubjectBuffer corruption (2.1.81)
When compiling a kernel, it reported an error in a file that compiled
fine twenty minutes ago. When looking at the source, I see that 4 bytes
are magically changed, so I suspect the buffers were corrupted. The
corrupted word was at offset 13300 of the file. I'm running
2.1.81+linux-2.1.81.diff.gz. There were no syslog reports.

It might be a hardware problem, I did not run any analysis tool yet.
The machine is a AMD 486 with 40MB memory, an Adaptec 2940 controller
and a Teles/16.2.

If someone can recommend a procedure to analyse such problems if they
occur again, please let me know. I had binaries suddenly crash with
earlier kernel versions as well. After rebooting, the files were in
their original state.


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