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    SubjectRe: My last word on copy_to_user
    Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:

    > Here is a list of places in 2.1.80 that call copy_to_user and expect
    > it to return -EFAULT, or a negative number, on error. These callers
    > are wrong.
    > I think most, or all, of these places will work correctly as long
    > as the addresses are supplied are valid. In that case copy_to_user
    > returns 0 and every caller accepts 0 as a sign of success.

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks, your list is very useful. I've fixed the kernel/signal.c cases and
    picked up a couple of other problems while reviewing the code.

    Another point I'd like to mention again -- copy_xx_user can block, so it's not
    correct to call it with interrupts turned off, for example. So when making the
    changes to fix the return values, it's a good idea to check around for race
    conditions as well.


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