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    SubjectRe: [RFC]: linux/drivers/compression
    On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, C. Scott Ananian wrote:

    > IIRC, the linux kernel is *very* cautious about even *mentioning* any type
    > of crypto because of the *extremely stringent* French crypto laws.
    > Putting crypto hooks of any kind in the kernel could prevent French
    > citizens from using Linux.
    > --Scott

    Whould these law allow generic block translation hooks? I.e. a module
    could reg itself with loopback as being able to handle 'swapbytes'
    translation. The mount call could pass to the loop the name of the desired
    translation scheme and any possible options (like byte order)..

    The kernel would ship with the swapbytes module.. Third parties and
    distributions could include modules for encryption.

    This would be just a generic translation hook.. No slanting for
    encryption.. If you were to call this a hook for encryption you might as
    well call the 'save' feature in apps 'a hook for encrpytion'...

    Anyone want to send me (off the list), some urls about french encryption
    laws? To me it feels like something of a human rights violation, I'd like
    to know more..

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