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    Subjectext2fs panicing.
    I tried to mount a loopback ext2 filesystem yesterday, and was rewarded with a 
    kernel panic, because it was a bad filesystem.

    I occasionally mount my old IDE HD to get something from my old installation
    that I can't be bothered to retype. If I forget to unmount it again and a cron
    job comes in that does "find / ...." then it generally finds some bad blocks
    and dies. I've certainly set the "Errors behavior" to "remount-ro" on that one,
    and it still panics.

    I've also had similar problems before when a friend's IDE (spit) HD died and he
    brought it to me to salvage what I could from it. The result was that I could
    salvage absolutely nothing from it, because my machine crashed every time I
    attempted to mount it.

    I can foresee this happening with a bad floppy, too. I don't like the idea of
    being able to take down a system just by using a bad floppy disc in it. I
    make sure that random users aren't allowed to mount ext2 floppies, only vfat.

    Is it feasible to fix this behaviour so that it only panics if the root
    filesystem is compromised? Or (and this is a good idea) only panics of the
    "Errors behaviour" is set to "panic"

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