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SubjectRe: disk naming proposal & devfs

On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, Larry McVoy wrote:

> [...]
> : OK, well, I think this is not a problem for devfs. Once you have your
> : fs_mountpoint() you can simply call devfs_register(). So, submit a
> : patch and wait for it to be accepted (or shot down:-).
> OK, perhaps I misunderstood the point of devfs. Can you please tell me
> (perhaps again) what is the problem that devfs is solving?
Various problems related to the current indirect device referencing
scheme, including (but not necessarily limited to):
-8bit minors,
-major/minor table lookup times
-filesystem rewriting necessary to go to 16 or 32 bit minors.
-major number conflict resolution

> Thanks.

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