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SubjectRe: 2G file size limitation question
Matti Aarnio <> writes:

|> Chip Salzenberg wrote:
|>> According to Theodore Y. Ts'o:
|>> > If the VFS layer can handle 64-bits, we can make the ext2 structure
|>> > handle 64-bits.
|>> I wasn't going to say anything, but: I'm currently working on making
|>> the VFS and paging code handle files larger than 2G. So if anyone
|>> else has in mind to do this, please talk to me and/or wait for me to
|>> do the hard work. :-)

|> Fine, but at least with EXT2, once the VFS is 64-bit, there
|> appears a surprise from rlimit data, which is defined as
|> "long", that is, signed 32-bits with 32-bit machines...

You should take a look at the LFS support in glibc 2.1. There are 64 bit
variants of every syscall that is effected. They just need to be
implemented in the kernel.

Andreas Schwab "And now for something completely different"

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