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    SubjectRe: [Feature Wish] GGI in Linux 2.3
    Arthur Jerijian ( wrote:
    > I recently saw an announcement for a new version of GGI, the General
    > Graphics Interface, which is much more stable and robust than the previous
    > version. My personal opinion is that plans should be made to incorporate
    > GGI in Linux 2.3.

    As a primary GGI developer, I (tend) to agree, but I want Linus to
    look over the new devel tree ( before
    we get all hot and bothered about it. Although we've already spent
    3 years on the project, there are still some hairy issues to deal
    with. [Luckily, not with the video end of it. That's been pretty
    much hammered in stone. The input event side, well...]

    Jason McMullan - Linux - GGI -
    NT 5.0 is the last nail in the Unix coffin. Interestingly, Unix
    isn't in the coffin... It's wondering what the heck is sealing
    itself into a wooden box 6 feet underground...

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