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Subject2.1.78-1 nfs-root problems and patch
(( this message sent to linux-kernel and Linus ))

I tried 2.1.79 pre 1 and it still has problems with nfs-root.

I crashes when trying to mount the root-filesystem over NFS.
It gives and oops about NULL pointer dereferencing in function
do_mount_root() , file fs/super.c , line xxxxxx

I posted a fix for it before to linux-kernel ( subject is :
"Made nfs-root work with 2.1.78 !" )

and here it is again at the end of mail.

But there is a new problem . After mounting root , it cannot find
init !!!
It suggests using the init= command line option , but that doesnt help either.

init is off course present in /sbin and work well under 2.0.33

Patch :

follows in the next message because gpm wont paste it correctly here :(

David Balazic , student
E-mail: | sLOVEnija
Computer: Amiga 1200 + Quantum LPS-340AT

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