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SubjectNot rebooting.

In case anyone is interested, the default method of rebooting doesn't work
on this 486/66 motherboard I have dug up.

Also, /proc/cpuinfo says:
model : 487 DX

It's really a i486 DX2/66 MHz.

Specifying 'reboot=bios' does work however, which leads me to a question:

If the default method of rebooting without the BIOS (using keyboard/triple
fault) doesn't work, why does the current code sit in an infinite loop when
it would be just as easy to attempt that a certain number of times and then
attempt the BIOS instead?

A pair of debugging printk's told me which reboot it was trying to do each
time, specifically machine_restart() in arch/i386/kernel/process.c


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