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    SubjectRe: no need for a devfs
    Kai Henningsen writes:
    > (Phil Brutsche) wrote on 07.01.98 in <>:
    > > No, please don't do this. It's too confusing. What's wrong with the
    > > current SCSI setup (/dev/sda, /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, etc) in any case?
    > It's fragile. But then, so is the proposed replacement.

    How is devfs fragile?

    > What you probably really want is something like this:
    > * for each partition, determine a unique id somehow (ext2 already has
    > this, and so does FAT)
    > * Use this id to identify the partition

    Well, rather than some meaningless numerical ID, why not have a
    human-understandable string as the unique ID? Hey! That's what devfs
    uses! And you don't need /proc/discs because devfs has those entries.



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