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    SubjectRe: new dentry feature in 2.1.78
       From: (Linus Torvalds)
    Date: 10 Jan 1998 23:16:34 GMT

    Michael Elizabeth Chastain <> wrote:
    > #define i (((unsigned long) inode)/(sizeof(struct inode) & ~ (sizeof(struct inode) - 1)))

    So, ten points to the person who can guess what the hell the above does ;)

    (Hint: the calculation is not actually strictly necessary, it only tries
    to aim for a better hash)

    It was so easy, I had to answer. ;-)
    It removes the non-significant bits from the inode address ;-)

    And even when struct inode is not a strict power of 2 (which it
    typically isn't) gcc still does a decent job since most of the
    operations are constant and get optimized away. Gcc in this case,
    has a very good idea what you are trying to do ;-)

    David S. Miller

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