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SubjectRe: [patch] initrd-archive: untar and mkfs.minix initrd support.

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>The minix filesystem wastes memory since everybody needs
>the ext2 code anyway. It would be better to compile without
>minix support.

The ext2 code wastes even more memory as the filesystem takes up more room,
and the driver is quite large. For linux router, ext2 is not used because
this space is critical. (with a 4MB root, all of ext2's features are just a
waste) OTOH I understand your point and that is why I designed it to be
easily extendable with other compile options for other fs's. (Make a
rd.mkext2.c, edit main.c, and use initrd_archive=ext2 at boot)

I may put this in myself later on. It depends on how hard it is to retrofit

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