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SubjectRe: dcache questions
In article <>, Bill Hawes  <> wrote:
>Martin von Loewis wrote:
>> Here, the logic for detecting short names seems flawed. It is certainly
>> possible to do
>> touch foobar~1
>> without having a corresponding long name. Also, I believe VFAT chooses
>> another character when it runs out of last characters.
>I think this case can still be handled in the same way. Since the name
>looks like a possible short alias, you do a disk search, and if that
>fails go ahead and create the dentry for foobar~1 (it is a legal
>filename, after all). Then when the file is created on disk, the long
>and short names will be the same.

I don't know if anyone has pointed this out, but there is a registry
option in Windows95 which causes the short versions of file names to
just be a truncated version of the long filename. For example,
`alongfilename.bat' would have a short file entry of `alongfil.bat' .
There is no '~' or other character involved.
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