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    SubjectRe: Memory leak in 2.1.54
    Zlatko Calusic wrote:
    > I'm also pretty sure last few development kernels have some big
    > problems with memory. Looks like kernel looses big amount of memory
    > (7-8 MB or even more) and never finds it back.
    > It's enough to execute ls -alR / to loose massive amount of memory In
    > fact, on 32MB machine, memory problem is so obvious that you don't
    > need any tool to see it (top, free or something). Machine gets slower
    > and you can notice it.

    The memory "leak" is probably just excessive growth of the dcache and
    inodes. I'm working on the inode memory management, and will post a
    patch for testing later today. I've implemented very simple dcache
    pruning routine for micro-shrinking the dcache, and it works quite well
    at controlling dcache and inode growth.


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