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SubjectRe: Kernel NFSd problems

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, David Woodhouse wrote:

> said:
> > The kernel NFS server in recent kernels is seriously broken.
> Don't I know it!
> > If you are not in development (or experimentation) mode, I'd suggest using
> > the older user mode NFS server.
> I couldn't get that to stay up for long, either. It usually says things like
> "Ack! Gack! svc_run returned!" and mountd quits. This is the mountd which came
> with Red Hat 4.2 - I tried upgrading it once, a while ago, but couldn't find a
> newer one, and a recompile didn't help.
> Is anyone running a stable NFS server on 2.1.5x kernels?

Again, yes. For torture testing, I have a 486/133 and 6x86/P150+ tied
together with a 100BaseTx crossover cable. Both adapters are set for
full-duplex operation. The 6x86 box is also setup as a router between the
fast LAN and the rest of my 10Base network (bunch'o'boxes). Fast SCSI
drives on the 486, fast-wide on the bigger system.

Both machines are running 2.1.57 (with Bill Hawes' nfs patches on the
client) and the user NFS server. I place the kernel source on one machine
and fire off a:

$ make dep ; make clean ; make compressed

If there are any race conditions or network layer problems, you'll
definitely find out quickly <g>.

The latest code seems (knock wood) to be _very_ stable. Now, we can only
hope that Bill works his special magic on the knfs server!


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