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    SubjectRe: Linux (free s/w) support
    In message <>, Darren Reed is rumored to
    have said:
    :Free software is only supported if someone actually wants to support it.
    :Linux is just lucky there are enough people interested in it to fix most
    :of the problems.

    Actually I would say that Free software, and Linux in particular, is
    supported if you are willing to shell out the money for it.

    :If I were a Sun customer, with a support agreement/contract, I could say
    :to them "there's this rsh-ioctl problem and I need a fix" and if they don't
    :then they've got have a good reason why not. They may even supply me with
    :a "test-patch" (which don't get released to the general public). Basically
    :they answer to customer demand and posting things to bugtraq is not the same
    :as a customer with a problem logging a support call.

    Ok. If you have a support problem with a Linux vendor then there's no
    reason why this wouldn't apply either.

    :If I have a prlbem with Linux, I have no _guarantee_ that anyone will look at
    :it, never mind actually solve it. If it's a priority 1 problem for me and
    :I receive no support from the Linux camp, how good does it sound to explain
    :to management "I posted the problem a week ago, but no response." ? It's
    :the guarantee of some sort of support service which management need. ie.
    :they can yell at someone else and get a head kicked if nothing happens.
    :Who's going to do that for Linux ?

    There is a guarantee if you're paying for support. There are a growing
    number of companies that are doing this.


    Christopher Blizzard
    AppliedTheory Communications, Inc.

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