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SubjectRe: Solaris 2.6 and Linux
Cannot see why embedded systems present a different problem to other
software developed by GPL. Analog Devices charge a hefty fee for thier
porting of GNU C to thier DSP family (it is the standard C compiler for
these systems). A note (2 lines) in the accompynying flyer says you can
get full source to the GNU parts on a SUN tape for $150.

Probably they do not get much request. After all, the sort of person who
would request this source knows full well they can get it easier
elsewhere. If they did suddendly become innundated with requests, they
couod simply forward them to an outsourcer of the sort who make Linux

I develop embedded systems, and I am familiar with products such as
MicroTask and QNX, including thier commercial licence agreements which I
do not think make life any simpler.

I am looking forward to using linux with the 'QNX like' scheduling in
embedded products, and I expect they will yield more features in less
time, I don't expect to save much money at the present time because of the
cost of the extra memory. Even so, I hope to be making more competitive
products and developing software in a more productive and co-operative
manner. The market will tell....

P.S. Many people are using GPL'd software with QNX, the ports are
availaible on thier ftp site.
P.P.S. I think this disscussion is not (yet) relevant to embedded systems
like microwave ovens and video cameras, Industrial controls,
instrumentation, specialist telecom products etc are more likely targets,
with production quantites being much lowwer and tech support resources
being much larger.


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