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    SubjectRe: Name and e-mail address of linuxhq maintainer
    > I also see no reason why he shouldn't have tried to make some money off
    > of his site. This attitude among some Linux users that noone should try
    > to make money off of Linux or Linux related services is ludicrous.

    Those who have contributed to Linux have accepted that fact that everybody
    may make money on base of their work by madifying Linux. Modifying
    Linux means implicitly accepting the GPL. One the one side that's a
    legal thing to accept the GPL. The other side is the moral part. If
    they cannot live with the GPL then they shouldn't accept it. Oh, and
    the third part are those who haven't contributed to the Linux effort
    but have a opinion regarding making money based on Linux. Whatever
    their opinion is, I ignore it at least in that respect.


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