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    SubjectRe: Real pre-10 krash boom bang.
    On Fri, 26 Sep 1997, Dr. Werner Fink wrote:

    > >
    > > I tried the real release of Pre10 (linux-2.0.31-pre10.tar.gz) and
    > > unfortunatley it had only one hour of uptime, then black screen and total
    > > freeze. Sorry but I can't test this anymore, as these machines are in real
    > > use and must be stable. I still continue to test it on my own machine but
    > > I have not seen any big problem whith it on this one.
    > >
    > Do you know your hardware, configuration, and setup of the trouble system?

    Ok, sorry, it is almost the same as I wrote about in:
    "Kernel 2.0.31pre9 memory leak (or where did all the memory go?)"

    It's a monolitic kernel (no modules):
    ASUS P/I-P55TP4XE with onboard EIDE
    P5/100 Mhz
    Memory: 32Mb
    hda: QUANTUM FIREBALL1280A, 1222MB w/83kB Cache, CHS=621/64/63, DMA
    eth0: 3Com 3c590 Vortex 10Mbps

    PPP + SLIP.
    No NFS.

    These machines act as dial-in/www/mail/pop/shell servers.

    Best Regards

    Daniel Ryde, System Administrator
    Tripnet AB Visit Address: Telephone: +46 31 7252500
    Box 5071 Avagen 42 Fasicmile: +46 31 7252501
    S-402 22 GOTEBORG GOTEBORG Email:
    Sweden Sweden

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