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SubjectRe: File Corruption
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Could anybody tell me weather it's a kernel problem or
> > if I am using broken or unsupported hardware?
> Linux supports triton chipset, and all the hardware you seem to have listed.
> I'm always wary of saying "It must be hardware" given the nature of computers,
> but in this case it would seem to be. If Win95 is ok - can you reproducing it
> booting with "mem=8M" - ie run low 8Mbytes only

I saw file corruption for the first time in ages under 2.1.56 last
night. I'd been running all day (~12 hours) doing edit-compile cycles
on some Java code, and the Java compiler stopped working. One of the
class files had been corrupted such that an 'n' became a 'k'
(1101110->1101011). It looked like a single character change;
everything around it was OK. I had real work to do, so I just rebooted
and continued. There was no apparent disk corruption; it was just in

I haven't reproduced it, nor seen anything like it before (except around
1.1 when there was a buffer-corrupting race condition or something). I
was also dialed up to my ISP with ppp, and using Netscape 4.03 to
browse. There was no swapping.

It may be that its the first sign of some hardware problem, but I've had
no problems with this machine in the last year or so.

System details: (ha, hinv useful already)
Main memory size: 64 Mbytes
1 GenuineIntel 586 processor (P133, post-fdiv problem)
2 16550A serial ports
1 1.44M floppy drive
1 vga+ graphics device
1 keyboard
1 ethernet interface
eth0: NE2000 found
IDE devices:
QUANTUM FIREBALL540A, 519MB w/83kB Cache, LBA, CHS=528/32/63, DMA
QUANTUM FIREBALL_TM2110A, 2014MB w/76kB Cache, LBA, CHS=4092/16/63
SCSI devices:
PCI bus devices:
Multimedia video controller: 3Dfx Voodoo (rev 2).
VGA compatible device: S3 Inc. Vision 864-P (rev 0).
IDE interface: Intel 82371 Triton PIIX (rev 2).
ISA bridge: Intel 82371 Triton PIIX (rev 2).
Non-VGA device: NCR 53c810 (rev 1).
Host bridge: Intel 82437 (rev 2).

The 519MB drive is only DOS stuff; the Linux filesystem is on the 2G


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