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    SubjectRe: And in today's snapshot...
    On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Aaron Tiensivu wrote:

    > > Could you also distribute as a diff against newest (non-pre) kernel? That
    > > should allow people to start using the davem tree withought downloading a
    > > nine meg whopper. (Unless that diff aproches the size of a straight
    > I have a feeling that a complete diff of the latest kernel to the CVS kernel
    > would result in a whopper of a diff file. There are substational differences.

    Not really. It's 264KB as a gziped diff, which I will readly agree is a
    huge diff. But it's 8.8M as a .tar.gz, so it's certainly less of a
    bandwidth hog. (That's linux-2.1.56-pre1 to linux-2.1.55-VGER-CVS970917, as
    that's what I have on hand.)

    -=- James Mastros

    "Shooting as [a] communications method is obsolete even here in Bosnia, so
    I'll skip over it."
    -=- Dragisha Durich

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