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SubjectRe: GNU hardware (was: I2O thread)
Someday Alan wrote:
> > Forget it. We already had several groups trying to create free hardware
> > platforms. Few of them ever produced something usefull.
> Probably the only non 8bit was the NS32016 based box with free schematics etc.
> Nowdays its even less feasible. You need a good million dollars plus to lay
> out build, case, approval pass and ship a system.
> Alan

Hmmm. Actually some of us work for CAD companies (I've seen Linux
users from Synopsys, Cadence and friends) I personally don't consider
layout and verification such a big problem. I don't think that
company management would mind if quality control group would use some
huge cores from GNU project to test place'n'route and verification
tools. I believe they would even like it -- no NDA's to sign :-). Side
effect - we get layout for free :-). The only problem - we need enough
people who know Verilog (VHDL) and are willing to contribute some
of their free time to this project.


Eugene Anikin
Cascade Design Automation - one easy step from Language to Layout

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