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    SubjectRe: Generic PCI IDE bus-mastering DMA support
    On 17 Sep 1997, Zlatko Calusic wrote:

    > I have Digital Venturis FX 5133 (Pentium 133Mhz) with 5513 chipset,
    > but did not managed to get DMA support with your patch.
    > I'm not really sure if SiS 5513 in my computer has such abilities.
    > I once had an opportunity to work on Venturis 5150 and seems like it
    > has more advanced hardware (judging on Windows installation).
    > These are messages from my kernel log (I made some changes in source
    > to get them, only to get ide_init_triton even called!).
    > kernel: SIS: bus-master IDE device on PCI bus 0 function 9
    > kernel: SIS: bus-master DMA feature is not enabled (BIOS)
    try to enable it in your BIOS

    > My question is: does SiS 5513 support DMA bus-mastering?

    Yes. The 5513 supports DMA bus-mastering. I'm quite sure, since the 5513
    is integrated in the SiS 5571, which is on my Mainboard. Try playing
    around with the IDE switches in your BIOS.

    Bye, Christian

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