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SubjectRe: More on Boomerang stuff...
From said:
> Eventually, this will lead to a kernel panic, "Aiee scheduling
> interrupt". Linux 2.0.31 pre 9, 3c905, 128MB RAM, BusLogic SCSI,
> Pentium 133, Slackware 3.2.

We've seen a lot of this in the last few weeks, using v0.4[12] of the driver
(from )

Since upgrading to v0.43 a few days ago, we haven't had a problem, although
we've hardly been thrashing the cards, so I can't vouch for it. I _think_ it
works in 2.0 kernels, so try it.

I notice that he's now up to v0.45, which I'll go and install in a moment.

It doesn't help that the version in the standard kernel (2.1.55) is v0.25,
which doesn't even support the 3x9xx cards! Please, someone - when is this
going to be updated?

David Woodhouse, CB3 9AN Tel: 0976 658355 Tel: 01279 402332

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