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SubjectRe: SCSI Tape driver While we're at it QFA problems.
On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Dave Cinege wrote:

> Since some tape problem have been bought up...
> I'm unable to space forward the tape on my DAT. It appears to move forward
> to the desired place on the tape, but as soon as I try to access the tape it
> rewinds back to block 0. (whether it is tar or just mt tell)

The SCSI tape devices have a major and minor number. If you want the tape
to stay where it was after using 'mt', you use the device with the minor
number's high-bit set.

/dev/st0 9, 0
/dev/st1 9, 1
/dev/st3 9, 128
/dev/st4 9, 129

In this case /dev/st0 and /dev/st3 refer to the exact same drive. If
you are using commands that require the state of the tape-drive to
remain unchanged, you use /dev/st3. If you want the tape to rewind or,
if supported unload, you use /dev/st0.

Richard B. Johnson
Analogic Corporation
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