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SubjectRe: /proc/pci design idea

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Stephen Williams wrote:

> I'm trying to get vendor/device names out of the kernel.
> The boot messages would include string names for the classes and hex
> dumps of the id number for tracking things down. Although putting the strings
> in init is an interesting idea.
> As for the format of information that the user-mode pretty printer gets,
> the PCI configuration space layout is standard and stable.

Does anybody know what configuration space header type 2 layout is ?
This type was found on a SiS5107 docking station PCI<->PCI bridge last
week. Tried to find it across the web, but not a single reference, even in
the ads giving the table of contents of recent books on the subject.

> Version problems won't be an issue and there are simply no suprises this
> way. Plus it may serve other nifty purposes I haven't thought of.

After having a look at the code, I think there is still a problem
(unless I don't understand it): it only scans configuration at boot,
and hot plugging PCI is becoming more common (docking stations,
CompactPCI...). Would it be possible to make the directory structure more
dynamic ? I'm aware it may be quite complex :-(


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