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    SubjectRe: Msdos name alias patch for 2.1.48
    Telephone Game! Linus Torvalds said (on 09:31 AM 8/8/97 -0700):
    ->HOWEVER. If we can make that name translation generic enough that it works
    ->for _all_ filesystems (even ext2 if you want it to), and there are no
    ->filesystem-specific hooks for it, then I already start likin git a lot
    ->more. Then it goes from being "damn ms-dos braindamage that we have to
    ->hack around" to being "the VFS layer can handle case-insensitive names".
    ->Further, if the new feature then allows us to actually give value-added
    ->features to user space (like a O_NOCASE flag), it goes from "the VFS layer
    ->can handle case-insensitive names" to "hey cool, we can do THIS, and it's
    ->really useful for this class of applications".
    ->Does this explain my motivation a bit? Essentially, I'm NOT really
    ->interested in how we can make the MS-DOS filesystem work.
    ->I'm interested in seeing something that might be a good VFS feature to
    ->have anyway, and that _ALSO_ happens to make MS-DOS (and NTFS and..)
    ->happy, but more importantly I want it to make sense on some level even
    ->_without_ that.

    Thought One: Summary the idea is that Case-insensitivity is something that can be
    applicable to all FS's (if one desires), while 8.3 munging isn't.

    That means the following...

    VFS layer handles Case insensitivity - configurable

    MSDOSFS layer handles 8.3 - else returns error and legalchar - else
    returns error. I assume legalchar checking checks for '.' and '..'

    Thought Two: Case preserving case insensitivity

    Someone mentioned that OS/2 HPFS has "Case Preserving Case
    Insensitivity" (aka CPCI)? Anyway, that you can create a file with a
    specific case and then read it back using a different case.

    Would it be disable to bundle that with O_NOCASE? It seems to me to be
    more desirable, both from a user POV and Not-A-Big-Deal from a
    programmers POV.

    It would be there for OS/2 people who wanted it and MS-DOS will never know.
    Err... let me clarify: I believe that cannot *tell* that a
    file has a specific case.

    Well...I guess I've gotta go be productive.

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