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    SubjectRe: Msdos name alias patch for 2.1.48
    Steffen Grunewald wrote:
    >"Stephen R. van den Berg writes"
    >|> Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but as far as I know, NTFS allows for
    >|> completely arbitrary equivalence tables (in Unicode).

    >So does this mean that the interpretation of a removable disk's NTFS
    >depends on the host it is mounted to ?!?!?
    >Or will there be a "TRANS.TBL" like file somewhere in the NTFS itself
    >(if so, how is it named if every character could be re-defined ?)

    The "TRANS.TBL" is embedded in the filesystem-metadata (superblock, if you
    will) somewhere, if I recall correctly. It needs to be read at mount
    Stephen R. van den Berg (AKA BuGless).

    Be braver. You cannot cross a chasm in two small jumps.

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