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Subject2.0.30 and the aic7xxx driver
I kept having troubles with the aic7xxx driver in stock 2.0.30.
One machine kept getting frequent kernel stack corruption messages.
I needn't tell you how stable the machine was.

Dan Eischen,, the author of the
aic7xxx driver, also recommends not to use stock 2.0.30 aic7xxx
driver. He instead pointed me to his "July27" driver,
available from
(mail me if you want it in unified diff format)

I installed this driver release, and the problems are gone ever since,
the machine is running stable again. It also cured random hard locks
on a friend's machine ( when serving
with Samba. On two other machines (btw. all having an Adaptec
2940) it also performed very well.

I couldn't test exotic SCSI hardware, I only used it with
SCSI disks (removable and fixed), CDROM drives and a CD Writer.

I'd like the July27 driver to be part of 2.0.31...


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