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SubjectRe: set speed for Toshiba CDROM drive ?
On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, James Mastros wrote:

> > But one question remains: what unit should be used for speed selection?
> Why not the Nx speed (that is, 176 kb/sec)? That's more user-frendly.
> Note also that cdrom_device_info.speed is in this unit.
> Moreover, note "CDC_SELECT_SPEED& can select speed, in units of
> $\sim$150\,kB/s\cr" (sorry about the raw tex).

Oh, hav'nt seen this. The long paragraph about the
CDROM_SELECT_SPEED interrupt does'nt mention this. That's Nx speed. Ok,
I'll take this one...

> I don't know which, but it seems that units of 176 kb/sec or 150 kb/sec
> would be best.

150 kbyte/s is what you really get, 176 kbyte/s = data+some header and ecc


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