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SubjectTo fast reboot ? (easy to reproduce unclean filesystems)
It is very easy on my system to produce an unclean filesystem (ext2).
Just make sure that you use a lot of swap. On my system I have
48 MB physical memory and 128MB swap. I start applix,netscape,gimp,emacs
and a few xterms. After a while I have used about 10MB of the swapspace.
Then I do a /sbin/init 6 or /usr/sbin/reboot. The X server is
not killed before the reboot. And when the systems starts up
all filesystems are unclean.
I use ncr 810 and IDE disks. On a 120Mhz Intel Pentium.
In the kernel there is a sys_reboot() function but it is not used
anywhere in the kernel. (Cant find any calls with grep)

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