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 > From: James Pharaoh <>

> When I try and install LILO running a recent kernel (currently 2.0.31-pre6)
> it completes the installation, but when I try and boot it only gets as far
> as "LI"...

From the LILO docs:
LI The first stage boot loader was able to load the second stage boot
loader, but has failed to execute it. This can either be caused by a
geometry mismatch or by moving /boot/boot.b without running
the map installer.

You don't have a kernel problem, as you haven't gotten far enough
to even start loading the kernel (you'd have to have it say all
of 'LILO' first).

Lilo depends upon files being at the same place they were when it was
configured. It saves the absolute sectors of certain files, rather
than decipher a filesystem. That is why you must re-run lilo
everytime you build a new kernel, since it may be in a new place.
This also applies if you move any of the map, boot.b, etc files.

I'd suggest running lilo again, and have it rebuild its map files
and stuff.

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