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    SubjectDiamondStealth and frame buffer...
    I'm not sure if this is a kernel problem or not as I'm not an internal
    guru although I'm trying to learn. If this doesn't belong here, please
    ignore it and don't send me those really cute nasty messages telling me
    it doesn't belong here.

    I have a AHA3940UW scsi controller in my machine now. I also have a
    Diamond Stealth VRam (3000 series) card. Since I put the 3940 in I can
    not run X. THIS IS NOT AN X PROBLEM NO FLAMES PLEASE. It appears that
    when I try to bring up X, it actively tries to map out the memory on the
    video card (4megs) and within 30 seconds it locks the machine dead.
    Adaptec says it's a problem with the video card. Diamond admits it's a
    problem with the video card. They say there is a "bug" in the
    framebuffering and if it can be "readjusted" it would solve the problem.
    I don't know how many other people have had this problem and spent $$$
    we don't have to buy new cards thinking the card is toast but I can't
    afford to. Does anyone know who/how/where I should look about the
    framebuffering and how trivial it is? Could this be a reccomended
    patch? As I said, this might end up a really nasty problem for alot
    more people that would be great.

    Thanks for all the help.
    For all who sent really nasty flames about not sending X problems
    to linux-kernel READ THE ABOVE, IT WASN'T AN X PROBLEM!!!!


    Robert L. Harris | If NT is the answer,
    System Engineer For Hire. \_ You don't understand the question


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