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Subjectfork: out of memory (2.0.30/SMP/deadlock patch 5)

my problem: our mail, news, and uucp server shows the error message
"fork: out of memory" although there is lots of swap space left. No
login was possible. Fortunately we have "procinfo -n2" running on one
console showing the following infos:

Mem total: 127952, used 125724, free 2228, shared 59344, buffers
32756, cached 13672.

Swap total: 123032, used 48, free 122984.

Load: 65.00/61.43/40.72, 2/137 (none of this numbers changed within 15
minutes) -- btw, why says the load that there are 65 processess
running the last five minutes while there are only 2 procs ready to

Hardware: 2x P5-166, GA586DX (Adaptec 2940UW on board), 128 MB RAM, 1x
2 GB SCSI disk, 2x 6.2 GB EIDE disks.

Software: Linux 2.0.30/SMP, filehandle patch to increase the 256 fd
limit, smp deadlock patch #5.

What's the problem with that machine?

Thanks for your hints,


Stephan Austermuehle - Glueckaufstr. 52/053 - 57076 Siegen - Germany
Tel: +49-271-790504 - Fax: +49-271-790532 - Mail:
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